Colibri Flexwing Awards

Colibri Flexwing Awards

COLIBRI badges celebrate international standards of achievement and proficiency set by the Federation Aeronautique Internationale.

To earn one of these prestigious internationally-recognised awards, a Flexwing pilot must have accumulated a certain number of solo flight hours and flown a series of predetermined precision landings and cross-country flights.

At the higher badge levels, the pilot must have set a national or world record or competed in an FAI sanctioned Flexwing competition.

The qualifications for Colibri badges are the same in every country. To acknowledge the accomplishment of a Colibri badge holder, Flexwing pilots receive a bronze, silver or gold-plated lapel pin and a certificate. The links on the left display the rules for each level.

The Colibri scheme is all about defining standards, training to achieve them and then proving that skill in front of an official observer.

At Flexwing Scotland, we believe in striving for continual improvement and the setting and achieving of new goals.

Let us help you to complete your Colibri Challenge!