Flexwing Adventures

Flexwing Adventures

Flexwing aircraft are built for adventure!

Shortly after he passed his license, Flexwing Scotland chief flying instructor Colin MacKinnon took his Mainair trike on an epic coast-to-coast flight across the United States – and then wrote a book about his adventures. The US coast-to-coast button left links to the full story!

In 1998, two men set off to fly a Flexwing around the world; 120 days later, one man came back in it. Global Flyer, by Brian Milton, is his account of the first flight around the world by Flexwingaircraft. For more of the story and a link to Brian’s website click on the Round the World button.

South African Mike Blyth, 41, and Swiss flyer Olivier Aubert, 38, flew an epic 23,000-kilometer flight from the southernmost city in Africa, Cape Town, to the northernmost village, North Cape in Norway. For more details of their adventures click Cape to Cape.

In 2004, Colin MacKinnon is planning a special flight for the Pooley’s Dawn-to-Dusk challenge and a few record attempts. Watch this page!